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Alexander Grischenkov
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Our transparent and fully integrated workflows allow us to deliver world-class web & mobile development services. We offer a cross-functional team at a reasonable price for the bright future of your project.

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Skills & Tools

  • Backend

    Ruby on Rails and PHP are the main drivers for the vast majority of our projects. For enterprise solutions and heavy loaded projects, we enable microservices and hook up cloud-based solutions.

  • Frontend

    React and Redux are our tools to provide great user experience. If mobile apps development is required we appeal to Cordova for cross-platform apps.

  • Design

    We apply wireframes and detailed prototyping using Adobe depending on the problem to be solved.

  • DevOps

    PostgreSQL and MongoDB are our databases. Capistrano helps our engineers reliably and insensibly deploy apps with Chef automating server-side management.

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Core Values

Modern programming techniques and high-level engineers are our main assets. Our team strongly believes in agile methodology and design thinking approach in developing websites and apps.


Best Practices

Evgeny Sergeev
Technical director
We constantly study the best world practices in design and development, and we test and implement the most effective of them. We can offer a cross-functional agile team for your project: depending on your goals, it can be up to 9 members in size.
  • Research

    We discover what the product core features are, what the user needs and what the constraints are.

  • Define Scope

    As a result of discovery process, the project specification comes to the stage when we can see what exactly we will develop.

  • Individual Approach

    The team, together with product owners, decide on the iteration plan according to the corresponding business needs and values.

  • Do a Great Job

    Continuous supply: iteration, review, the specification of requirements, followed by the next iteration and so forth.

Beloved clients

We produced impeccable solutions for international companies, for instance.
  • Conomy
  • )TwoCapp
  • Renaissance
  • Crypto
  • Alfa
  • A2 Green Concert
Conomy is a powerful yet flexible FinTech startup for processing financial data. The website allows users to manipulate the values of quotations and other indicators of the stock market to analyze its condition and make their own decisions.
Business networking app for scheduling meetings in trains. It allows tracking friends who travel in the same train as you, to add new passengers and then arrange a meeting.
Renaissance Construction
Renaissance Holding is a group of construction companies, operating in 16 countries. The centralized administrative system was created in order to handle 7 websites and 4 languages.
A cryptocurrency exchange service which includes the most popular list of exchange options. Easy to use currency converter, various API integrations and online support allow you to do fast operations to get maximum value.
Alfa Bank
Alfa Group, is the largest private commercial bank in Eastern Europe. The bank provides financial services to both corporate customers and retail clients
A2 Green Concert
Live music venue. The best Russian and foreign musicians perform here. There are celebrity talk events, private and night evenings are held.

Our works

Slidecast is a self-service tool for interactive presentations. It facilitates design process and allows to conduct surveys engaging audience with their smartphones. Distributed app microservice architecture allows dealing with heavy loads at large-scale events.
A2 Green Concert
The website includes e-ticket purchase functionality and music lover community. Together we succeeded to turn a concert stage website into a full-fledged community. Molinos team separately implemented billing module with the scores and rewards: transaction system, target actions, earning points for social interactions.
Molinos has developed an mobile application and web-service for business dating in Russian speed trains Sapsan. The application is specially created for communication of train passengers, who can use their 4 hours journey more efficiently, plan and hold their meeting on trip. In addition to the hybrid application for iOS, Android and Windows, we developed a brand system for the service including naming and logo.
  • Slidecast
  • A2 Green Concert
  • TwoCapp
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Terms and Conditions

We are flexible in our approach considering costs and terms.

  • Agile
  • Fixed price projects
  • Startups special offer
Some of our projects couldn’t be roughly estimated. In this case we prefer agile. It removes all possible disbeliefs and means week-by-week reporting and hourly payment.
Approximate cost
7 000
2 weeks
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Fixed price projects
We use it if you desire to get a detailed fixed bill of quantities. In this case we have to go through profound preparation stage.
Approximate cost
18 000
8 weeks
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Startups special offer
Besides, we realize that in some cases it could be enough to launch a minimal viable product on a tight budget. For this purpose, we developed a startup’s fixed price special offer. It includes a general research, basic specification and functionality development to test an idea. Development period 1-3 weeks, the price is up to $5000.
Approximate cost
7 000
2 weeks
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We contribute to tech infrastructure and glad to remarkable and ambitious projects.

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